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August 04, 2023

On Contempt and Award Compliance

Arbitral tribunals are in the habit of thinking seriously about how their handling of the case affects the “enforceability” of their Awards. But we mainly think of “enforceability” as the potential for confirmation under the New York or Panama Convention, and/or applicable domestic arbitration law,  and potential vacatur in a court at the arbitral seat. We give less attention to true “enforcement” – the forced compliance of the losing party with a Judgment confirming an Award. When the Award simply orders payment of money, or declares ownership of property, the laws and mechanisms of execution come into play. But if…
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May 30, 2023

Predicting Rain for Spain

I spent a recent weekend in a former Member State of the European Union. You know, the one that didn’t care for all this EU Primacy stuff, and bailed. I was amidst a sizeable group of QCs turned KCs. And they all asked the same question: “What’s up in Washington?” I started in about Tucker Carlson but was quickly cut short. “No, no, young fellow. We mean all this stuff about Spain and the DC Circuit.” So I gave them the two-minutes-over-cocktails version of “Achmea in the US Courts 2023.” But you all have your own beverages, and more time. …
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April 20, 2023

Convention Clarity in the USA

In the world of the New York Convention, it is widely if not universally understood that the grounds for annulment of an Award to which the Convention applies are provided not by the Convention, but by the domestic arbitration law of the arbitral seat (or other lex arbitri agreed by the parties). That principle has also been widely understood in US federal courts, but alas, until last week, not – at least not definitively and clearly — in the important US Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The Eleventh Circuit has now come around. This was foreshadowed in a panel decision…
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March 25, 2023

On Taking Back Land for Pandas 🐼

Readers of this post will fall into two groups. The first and largest don’t pay much attention to investment arbitration. They will wonder why I write this. The second and much smaller group lives and breathes investment arbitration. I will rejoice if they read this.

January 27, 2023

Ay, Chihuahua!!

Just when you thought the US law concerning judicial enforcement of annulled foreign arbitral awards was becoming relatively settled and predictable, if not very satisfactory, along comes the US Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals with a fresh and helpful perspective. That Court has held that a US district court did not abuse its discretion when it refused to vacate its initial judgment giving recognition and enforcement to such an award, and declined to give effect to a judicial annulment judgment thereafter sought and obtained from a court at the seat of arbitration in Bolivia. (Compañia de Inversiones Mercantiles S.A. v….
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November 02, 2022

On Overlapping Appointments

In a dream last night, YOU, Dear Wing, received an email from the Chair of the Tribunal, “Re: New Case”: “My Dear Colleague X: I am serving as a Wing in a recently filed ICC Arbitration with an amount in dispute in excess of US $3 Billion. Together with my Fellow Wing Ms. Z, who knows and admires you, as I do, we are charged with the joint selection of the Chair. I would like to put your name forward if OK. The parties and counsel are completely different from our current case together and there is no subject matter…
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October 23, 2022

Concerning Corruption

Corruption — of the bribing State officials variety — can seem like a distant abstraction. Until one reads about it, in excruciating detail. We had that opportunity recently, courtesy of a 360-page ICSID Tribunal Award that declared inadmissible, on grounds of corruption, the expropriation and FET (and other) claims of an investor that deployed an elaborate bribery and influence peddling scheme to secure its investment rights from the State. BSG Resources Ltd. v. Republic of Guinea, ICSID Case No. ARB/14/22 (Award dated May 18, 2022, available at with the document identifier italaw170322.pdf, hereinafter the “BSGR” case). What should we…
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