New International Litigation Developments in the United States

On my website I have posted two new commentaries on recent federal appellate cases. One involves the assertion of jurisdiction over the Kingdom of Spain under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. The other involves rejection of alleged personal jurisdiction over DaimlerChrysler AG in a case brought under the Alien Tort Claims Act. The orange box […]

UNCITRAL Arbitration Working Group Session in Vienna, Sept. 14-18

Dear Readers: I am en route to Vienna to attend the UNCITRAL Arbitration Working Group Session, in the status of an observer on behalf of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The Working Group is in advanced stages of a proposed revision of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. I have been […]

Enforcement of Convention Awards Collaterally Attacked in Courts of “Secondary Jurisdiction”

Dear Readers: A posting on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog by Francesca Richmond discusses some recent UK case law on merits review of arbitration awards in the courts, and alludes briefly to a pending US enforcement case in which a District Court in Washington is asked to deny recognition out of respect for a judgment of […]

Public Policy As a Basis to Deny Recognition Under the New York Convention: A Missed Opportunity

US federal district judges who do not frequently grapple with the New York Convention and Chapter Two of the FAA, and in many Circuits lack clear appellate guidance, often struggle to apply the terms of the treaty and the statute to novel and unusual situations. A new case in point comes from the US District […]