May Recognition of An Award Be Revoked Based on Post-Judgment Annulment at the Seat?

Today’s topic is the power of a US District Court, if any, to reconsider its recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award governed by the New York Convention when, after giving a judgment confirming the award here in the U.S., the award is vacated by a competent court at the foreign seat of the […]

Arbitral Power to Rewrite the Contract: Has the Fifth Circuit Overextended Judicial Deference?

Does an arbitrator exceed her powers when, as a remedy for fraud in the inducement of a limited-duration intellectual property license, she modifies the contract “as a matter of law” to provide the licensor with a perpetual royalty-free license? The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, reversing a Texas district court’s vacatur order, held that […]

Forum Non After Figueiredo: A Pragmatic Approach May Avoid the Difficulty

Evidently undaunted by the Second Circuit’s dismissal of an award confirmation case on grounds of forum non conveniens (Figueiredo Ferraz E Engharia de Projeta Ltda. v. Republic of Peru, 665 F.3d 384 (2d Cir. 2011)) — or at least convinced of the Figueiredo panel majority’s idiosyncratic take on the “public interest” factor in forum non […]