Consumer Arbitration Unconscionability Trumps FAA Pre-Emption in Ninth Circuit Once Again

A California grocery chain, presumably emboldened by Supreme Court decisions that appeared to sustain corporate arbitration policies used to stifle consumer and employee class actions, took a gamble and, at least in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, lost. This grocer fashioned an arbitration policy, imposed on applicants for employment as a condition for […]

Protecting Arbitral Jurisdiction of The Merits With a Foreign Anti-suit Injunction

The pro-arbitration foreign anti-suit injunction is not mentioned in the text of the New York Convention or the U.S. Arbitration Act (FAA). But its importance to the enforcement of agreements to arbitrate transnational disputes is considerable. To be reminded of this, read a recent New York federal district court decision granting such an injunction: Bailey […]