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July 28, 2011

US Court Orders Hague Evidence Requests to PRC Banks Having US Branches

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Issues raised by the physical presence of Chinese companies in the U.S. are increasingly prominent in U.S. civil litigation. The jurisprudence is important to a number of consituencies, including international arbitrators who, when they sit in New York, may be asked to issue subpoenas under the Federal Arbitration Act to be served at purported US locations of Chinese companies. A particularly thorough opinion of a US Magistrate Judge in New York, concerning subpoenas served upon non-party Chinese banks in a trademark litigation, is discussed today in the Legal Developments section of my general website.  A note: If you do not see the new post when you visit my website, it is because Arbitration Commentaries is self-administered, while that website is not, so there may be a short delay in posting. Please return to read.

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