Marc J. Goldstein Arbitrator & Mediator NYC
April 28, 2022

The Blog is Back!

No I did not retire. And I didn’t have long Covid, or any Covid. I just had stuff to do. Mostly stuff I can’t tell you about. Confidentiality, tender egos, taciturn Tribunals, all that. It’s better to be quiet. But seriously, readers, if you really like this Blog and crave regular Blog posts with your morning coffee, just stop sending me arbitral appointments, or stop making motions in my pending cases, and then I will have enough time to do what I am meant to do, which is to entertain you. To make you smile. Which we all need to do. And yes, thanks for asking, I WILL do the 560-mile Empire State Ride again this year. (July 24-30, no motions please). Last year I got two new appointments in the week of the ride. So what’s not to like? You can donate to cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo (Go Bills!) by supporting my ride at, or my 100-mile warm-up ride on June 25 at Now, back to the entertainment!

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